Review / test of the new nasal mask Philips DreamWisp [ENG]

I respect Philips for not looking at the competition, but innovating himself. That's exactly what happened with the DreamWear series, which set a completely new direction for CPAP masks for  years. Others can only copy them here. Another innovative product is the DreamWisp mask, which connects the frame with the air connection on top of the head known from the DreamWear series, with the "classic" and consumer-friendly nasal pillow from the Wisp series. Let's take a closer look at this mask.

The Polish version of the article can be found here.

Perhaps in my test I won't be able to be fully objective, because I'm a big fan of the whole Philips DreamWear series. Only the n30i mask from ResMed made me able to look at the competition's products at all. In my choice of mask I focus mainly on comfort. The mask I use must be a "minimal contact" and should have a connection on top of my head. The first one was introduced by Philips and it is the only one to have a whole range of such masks, starting from the mask with a nasal cushion, gel nasal insoles, ending with a mouth-and-nose mask.

What is wrong with other solutions? Nothing. But in fact, each of the nasal mask constructions requires some compromises. The most comfortable for me is the nasal pillow (it is the smallest) but it has a tendency to leak and does not stick firmly on the face. This defect is devoid of nasal insoles.... but this mask is again more sensitive to shifting and more difficult to fit at night. Many people prefer classic nasal masks, which cover the whole nose because they are usually very tight, easier to fit and probably hold on to the nose. The DreamWisp mask was supposed to combine the advantages of a nasal mask with a connector on the top of the head. There was no such thing before.

Mask construction DreamWisp 10/10

The mask consists of 4 basic elements: frame, frame connector with tube connection, belt and cushion. Let's take a closer look at each of them:

The frame has been completely redesigned in relation to the DreamWear series. First of all, it is much stiffer - the silicone it is made of is hard on the inside and soft on the outside. Thanks to this, the mask is more stable. It is additionally equipped with two magnetic connections to the belt (the belt is attached in 4 points). I hope that eventually the DreamWear series will be redesigned in accordance with the assumptions made in this series, because they seem to be omnipotent and necessary.

At the top of the head, something new was applied. The special tube connector has an additional function because it comes in several sizes. Thanks to this, the frame itself can remain universal and the connector can serve us for many years. It's a very wise move to replace the part on top of the head where there is practically no contact with the face or with our breath.

The belt has been redesigned. It is very stable and easy to put on thanks to magnetic clips. It looks good.

The last but the most important element for the comfort and tightness of the mask is the nasal cushion. This element is made of delicate silicone, which adapts well to the face (the cushion seals itself under pressure). There are no problems with leaks. Its construction has also been well thought out in terms of comfort of washing and even mounting to the frame. Everything is perfect here.

Mask usage 9/10

In fact, I will be able to write more only after some time, but the first impressions are very positive. She did rub my nose a little on the first night, but it was because of a bad fit and I quickly forgave her for the slip-up. The fit to the face itself is not very difficult - you just need to feel the moment when the mask will hold, but without much pressure on the face. Just putting it on is very easy thanks to magnetic clips - no problem to put it on even with your eyes closed.

The mask is very stable on the face. In this respect it is only higher than n20 from ResMed but it is a completely different construction. Without any problem you can sleep in this mask in any position, including on your belly (I like it the most). Night "reels" do not make any impression on it and there is no chance that something will loosen up.

DreamWisp meets all the criteria for "minimum contact" masks. It is light, comfortable and does not obstruct the field of view. You can successfully read a book or watch TV in it. It will be suitable for people with claustrophobia.

Mask volume 9/10

This is a parameter that many people pay attention to. The manufacturer declares a cosmic low index of 26.1 dBA (from my measurements in real conditions it is rather 42 dBA for 12 cm H2O) and with this result it is one of the quietest Philips masks. It is quieter than the classic DreamWear and beats the AirFit n30i. There are quieter masks on the market, but none have a silicone frame, so this is a very good result.

Adjustable 8/10

The cushions are available in 3 basic sizes but the manufacturer also provides 2 additional sizes (extra small and extra large). The frame connectors are available in 3 sizes. These 2 adjustment levels make it easy for everyone to choose the right size for themselves. The only difficulty is that I haven't found a good manual with a measuring card to make it easy to fit. I assume that the manufacturer assumes that the patient will choose the size in the shop before buying. People with "less typical physiognomy" should pay attention to this.

A few practical observations:
- the mask adjusts itself completely differently in the lying position and so I recommend to adjust it finally
- the construction of the pillow prevents it from being correctly positioned during air supply - if something loosens, turn off the CPAP for a moment to correct it

Comfortable to clean 8/10

I have already written about the fact that the pillow is very easy to take out and thanks to the large hole is very comfortable to wash under the tap and then dry (you can put it on). As with all masks equipped with silicone frames, it also needs to be washed from time to time, but it shouldn't be too difficult. On a daily basis I recommend to wipe the inside of the frame with a damp tissue to remove any sebum residue. I do not see any elements that could be damaged or lost during washing.

Price 9/10

On the day of the premiere, the producer set the retail price at 400 PLN and in my opinion this is very fair money for what we get. The mask can already be purchased through Allegro from a direct distributor of Philips equipment in Poland. The price in the USA is $110.

Conclusion 9/10

Without a doubt, DreamWisp is one of the most innovative, unique and interesting CPAP masks on the market. I especially recommend it to people who have not found themselves in the world of masks with nanasal pillow lit, and have had enough of the hose wandering around the bed. You will quickly appreciate the comfort of the connection at the top of your head and you will not want anything else!

I will risk saying that this mask is slightly better than the classic DreamWear, which results from drawing conclusions from the previous design. Although maybe it's not a perfect mask, either... The question is whether such a mask can exist at all.

Is it worth to change to DreamWisp using DreamWear mask?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not clear. The DreamWisp mask is a newer design and is improved in several elements in relation to DreamWear. Nevertheless, we can't forget that it's a completely different mask and in fact it's only the philosophy of connecting at the top of the head that unites them. If you are looking for this type of mask, because you expect high comfort and freedom of movement in bed, and at the same time you had a problem with leaks in DreamWear, try DreamWisp. Likewise, if you put more than freedom and comfort of wearing the mask on your face, you put the stability of the mask on. But if you are very satisfied with the freedom that DreamWear gives you and you don't have any problems with it, it's probably worth to stay with it. The cushion surrounding the nose is usually more airtight but in my opinion it offers slightly lower comfort than the lift. If only because it is difficult to scratch your nose. My nose starts itching as soon as I look at this type of mask. ;-)

PS. Philips should release a Christmas version of this mask with a red nose like Rudolf's - I think it could be this year's gift hit!

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